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Hello!! *echoes* Jericho Comic news

I know, I know - it's been a long time and I'm not sure if anyone is still around on LJ.  :D

However, I just had to post because I picked up the latest Jericho comics today...and (okay, spoiler, just in case - highlight to read)

WE'RE CANON PEOPLE!!!  \o/  \o/  \o/  If anyone wants details, just drop a note in the comments or PM me.  :D

And I just wanted to say, I really miss this fandom and this pairing, and I really need to write some more fic with them...
Getting Their Act Together

Story for Smallfandombang

Title:  Getting Their Act Together (or four first times that weren't, and one that was)
Author:  shirleyann66
Artist:  maiel_alcinoe
Fandom:  Jericho
Characters/Pairings:  Major Edward Beck/Heather Lisinski
Rating/Category:  M to R to NC-17 depending on your tolerance level.
Genre: Is PWP a genre?
Word Count:  10,190
Warnings:  None.
Summary:  She was just a small-town girl from Kansas - and he had her thinking things she'd never even dreamed of before.

Link to fic master post:  Is Here
Link to art master post:  Is right through here - Go See!!

Beta'd by the lovely and talented  who always goes above and beyond. :D

A/N:  I have to admit it - I'm a little embarrassed by this story because it's the first sorta-kinda PWP I've ever done.  Well.  Posted.  :D

HetBigBang - Quick and Dirty "squeeeing" post -

...cause the HetBigBang site is live!!

There are 58 stories, 66 pieces of art and I'm looking forward to reading them.  :)

My story is there (called Now and Then) - but I'm going to send you directly to the pretties - OMG - THE PRETTIES!!!  - by skylar0grace

Check out the pretties and my story and also all the other stories!!  :D